Out with the old; in with the new.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t begin this post with a quick announcement: Go Broncos!  I am a lifelong Denver Broncos fan–even though I am NJ born and raised–and I am more than thrilled they are heading to Superbowl 50! 🙂  OK, enough of that…

I discovered this weekend had a theme. No, not Snow Storm Jonas. No, not mommy-needs-another-glass-of-wine because of Snow Storm Jonas. The theme of my weekend is “out with the old; in with the new.” I have turned Saturdays into a day dedicated to the “old” in my fridge and I took on a new business venture.  Let me explain.

On Friday, my brother encouraged me to watch a Netflix documentary, Chef’s Table, that featured New York chef Dan Barber.  Barber is a bit of a radical in the food industry; he takes an almost archaic approach to dining that, in the end, only makes food better.  He insists on using ingredients grown locally and seasonally to minimize the negative impact on the environment while upping the “yummy” in his kitchens.  He attempts to minimize food waste by sourcing his menus quite strategically.  Check out the episode to learn more. It definitely influenced me.

I’ve recently been making more of an effort to meal plan every Saturday and meal prep a bit every Sunday so that the mom-crazies are at a minimum, but this past week’s Saturday plan simply said “leftovers”. The kicker?  Come Saturday, we didn’t have any leftovers–or at least not the traditional leftover of a 1/3 of a pot of soup, a plastic container of some sort of pasta, and a half a Pyrex dish of a casserole. What I did have, though, were leftover ingredients. I decided to think like Dan Barber and make dinner almost entirely from these leftover ingredients. I heated a feIMG_6614w cups of chicken stock that were in the fridge and added a minced garlic clove and a dash of red pepper flakes.  Then I chopped up what remained from a bag of baby carrots, a half of an asparagus bunch, two or so handfuls of baby spinach leaves, and a half-can of white kidney beans. I paired this soup with some other on-their-way-out foods by toasting a piece of sprouted grain bread (check it out!  delicious!!) and topping it with a 1/2 a very rip avocado, a sliced up tomato on the vine, and a few slices of turkey bacon. It was a dinner fit for the Island of Misfit Toys–and it was scrumptious and clean and responsible.  I have decided to make this a trend for all Saturdays in my foreseeable future: use it so we don’t lose it.  I hope this challenge yields less waste, less Saturday-night takeout, and some yummy new recipes!

Now you know how I got rid of the old.  Let me tell you about how I embraced something new.

This weekend, I took a step that will financially benefit my family while personally benefiting me and, hopefully, countless other women. I am now an online fitness coach. As I’ve discussed in previous posts, I am currently participating in an online HIIT bootcamp. It has inspired me to step out of my routine.  It has inspired me to take a risk.  It has inspired me to do something worthwhile.  This new role combines many of my passions: helping and motivating others, living a healthy lifestyle, and providing for my family.  This is a big venture, but I have only positive vibes and know this will be a success.  Stay tuned for updates on this journey–and please let me know on the “Contact me” page if taking control of your fitness and/or nutrition is something you are ready to do as well. I would love to guide you and cheer you on as you meet your goals!

A fun fact about me: I have been a die-hard fan of The Killers since the “Mr. Brightside” days. A quote from their song “Be Still”, a track on Battle Born, fits not only the theme of this weekend, but also my hopes for these new adventures–my Saturday leftover challenge and my fitness business.  Wish me luck!

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