Saturday Morning Quickie: Beach and Pool Tips

This July, I am going to try a series called “Saturday Morning Quickie.” I’ll make it worth it in a short amount of time.  Today, in honor of 4th of July, I am sharing some tips for beach and pool safety and fun!

4th of july

This weekend allows us to enjoy time with friends and family and to indulge in time by the pool and at the beach. We must keep some tips in mind to make sure we stay healthy while enjoying ourselves!

1. SUNSCREEN! No one is too-cool for sunscreen. Sun burn and skin damage–not to mention melanoma–are not to be overlooked.  Apply sunscreen while putting on your suit and reapply often. No need to use anything higher than 30 if you are sure to reapply!  If yoy plan on going for a hike or doing yardwork, please use sunscreen as well.  And always wear sun glasses and/or a hat to protect your eyes and face. I promise you that even on an overcast day you can get a sun burn!

2. HYDRATE! Water intake is extra important when we spend time outdoors on a hot and sunny day. We should all aim to drink half our body weight in ounces of water every day.  Add to this when you are outdoors or exerting yourself.

3. GET MOVING! At the beach?  Take a walk!  Build a huge sand castle.  Boogie board!  Get a game of volleyball going. At the pool?  Swim some laps!  Do water aerobics!  Laying out and getting a tan–which really defeats the purpose of tip number 1–or reading a book under an umbrella is relaxing and deserved. Just be sure you add some physical activity.  It will keep you alert and keep your body from getting too stiff.

4. BRING FOOD! Whether you are attending a BBQ or spending the day at the beach, bringing foods your family and you can enjoy will save you money and will save your waistline. I can recommend many healthy options.  Just ask in the comments below!

5. TIME IT! Hit the beach early in the morning or the pool later in the day.  Avoiding midday will let you beat the crowds and the hottest sun. This will keep everyone from experiencing sun stroke or from getting overheated. Plus, if you are one of the first ones on the beach, you’ll get the best spot and be home by nap time.

Have kids?  Here are some suggestions for making their time at the beach or pool easier on you!

What are favorite tips for staying healthy and having fun at the pool?  Leave me a comment below and I’ll post some of the best!

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