Saturday Morning Quickie: Weekend Travel Essentials

‘Tis the season for weekend getaways, family vacations, and road trips.  Often times, we hit one or more snags in our travels, we leave one or more necessities at home, or we spend one or more percent over our budget–either because we throw inhibition to the wind, eat out more than we expected, or because we have to make up for things left behind. I am heading to a weekend at the beach with some girlfriends and thought I’d pass along the essentials I am bringing along so that I can stay on track and on budget! I will keep this quick and to-the-point.  Please Pin or share with someone who could use these reminders!

shore bound

  1. Protein bars: I am packing some Lara bars and some Luna bars–my snack/protein bars of choice–so that I always have a healthy and protein-based option available.  We will be dining out for most meals and though I plan on picking the healthiest menu options I can find, I want to make sure I reach my protein goals.  I also know that since we are dining as a group and celebrating with friends, our meals will be scheduled later than normal.  I also will be taking the Cape May-Lewes ferry for the first time and want to have a healthy snack on hand in case my ferry is delayed or travel hits a snag.
  2. Nuts: Almonds, cashews, pistachios, and other nuts will energize, satisfy that salty-food craving, and pack a protein punch in a pinch.  I try to have a snack baggie of one or more of these in my bag at all times.  I will also stash some in my overnight bag.
  3. Fruit and Veggies: I have some baby carrots and apples stowed away in my suitcase so that I can get my crunch on after I do some crunches. 😉  Healthy snacks that allow me to reach my nutrition goals will make indulging on an adult beverage or a greasy appetizer a little less guilt-riddening.  Plus, since my entire family will be traveling this weekend, packing these perishable items to take along allows for minimal waste. That is a win-win in deed!
  4. Sunscreen: Pack sunscreen.  No matter what!  It is always more expensive when you are in touristy locations.  A travel sized bottle can tuck away nicely even in the slimmest of Michael Kors cross body bags. And don’t forget to protect your lips!  Chapstick or lip balm with an SPF is a must–even if only under your favorite lip gloss.
  5. Protein powder, mixers: This may be just me, but as I’ve shared with you before, I have found such health and balance thanks to incorporating Shakeology into my diet.  I don’t want to let that slide while away.  Whatever powder you choose, bring some along! I have some packets packed along with a non-refrigerated carton of almond milk (my liquid of choice), some bananas, and my Shakeology tumbler.  If there isn’t a blender in our rental, I’ll nix the banana and just give the rest a good shake, most likely for breakfast!
  6. Medicine–prescribed and OTC: Don’t forget your meds!  That’s it.  No reason besides you need them! 🙂
  7. One extra set of clothes: This is mostly important if you are traveling far.  If transportation gets too delayed, unexpected weather strikes, or you decide on an unplanned detour, having an extra set of clean emergency clothes is never a bad idea.  A basic tee or tank and a pair of jeans can easily fit most occasions you did not expect!
  8. Your workout essentials: I plan on going for a run each morning and, hopefully, getting in a BOD workout as well.  I am packing sneakers and socks and sweat gear so I am more likely to make it happen! Tuck your socks and even a set of yoga pants into your sneakers if you need to save room in your overnight bag.
  9. An extra book: I love to read, but I have been slacking on it the last few months. I am making myself the promise that I will read throughout both ferry rides and while lounging on the beach tomorrow.  I am going to pack an extra book just in case I get through one.  I don’t want to break my own promise!
  10. An extra charger: If you lose one, you won’t be sorry. If you don’t, I am sure one of your travel companions will need to borrow one at some point. It never hurts!
  11. Earbuds: I will hold myself to my morning runs if I have earbuds.  I will be able to catch up with my kids bright and early without waking the other ladies on my trip if I have earbuds.  I will be able to listen to podcasts and music if I have earbuds. I will survive almost anything with earbuds.

Oh, yeah. Sunglasses.  How can I forget my fave no-makeup but who knows accessory? 😉

What essentials make your must-pack list?  Let me know below!

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