Core de Force is Here!

Core de Force–Beachbody’s newest, MMA-inspired, core-centered workout is here. And it is awesome.


Believe the hype. Core de Force is the real deal. 👊🏻 It is fun and empowering. Let me take you on a journey so you can see for yourself.🙌🏻

Join Team Fit Dynasty’s Core De Force test group and see for yourself. You will realize just how bad ass, how sexy, and how confident you will feel when you fight like a girl. 👊🏻💕 Plus, you’ll experience this from the comfort of your own home! You will have multiple coaches guiding you, countless fellow challengers to fight alongside of you–virtually, of course–and a structured eating plan that allows you to eat real, clean food and get real, fast results. 💪🏼 You’ll focus on your core, but the program works arms, legs, butt, and everything in between without any equipment and without a gym. For busy moms and working women, it doesn’t get easier than that! 👍🏻

Interested? Of course you are! Leave your email below and I will send you everything you need to get started. 👊🏻 We begin November 28, right after Thanksgiving, and finish by Christmas. It is the perfect 30-day plan to beat the holiday trend of putting on weight and prioritizing everyone else. Instead, we will prioritize you! 💕 Your Year End Resolution starts NOW!