21 Day Fix

My 21 Day Fix progress photos

I love 21 Day Fix! As a Beachbody coach, I get to run fitness challenge and accountability groups. The first group I held focused on all challengers–16 women ranging between 25 and 57 years old–following one of the Fix programs: 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme. These women were moms, lawyers, teachers, brides-to-be, each with a different level of fitness coming in, but each with a common goal: to find their best selves. Missions accomplished. These women each last between 6 and 9 pounds, shed inches and pant sizes, and regained confidence. These women found the joy inherent in living a healthy lifestyle. These women found balance and wellness.

post workout
Post workout: Upper Fix Extreme

Why is the 21 Day Fix program so effective? Here are my thoughts.

  • The Workouts:

Autumn Calabrese, the creator of both the 21 Day Fix (beginner to intermediate) and 21 Day Fix Extreme (intermediate to advanced), put together targeted, effective workouts in just 30 minutes a day. Each workout focuses on a specific muscle group or area of overall fitness, which allows the body to burn fat and build muscle more effectively. By following the schedule that comes with each program, participants don’t even have to

21 df equipment
My 21 Day Fix Extreme equipment

think about what workout happens when. This takes the guess work out of working out while allowing the variety a body needs to avoid plateau. Plus, 30 minutes a day is easy to schedule. Everyone–from night nurses to stay-at-home moms to corporate execs–can and should allot a half-hour window for physical activity. Whether you want to lose weight, tone your body, or just live a healthy life, you should and can make the time. These also require little equipment, so no gym is required!


Each Fix program comes with extra workouts as
well, the best add-on being the 10 minute abs or 10-minute hard core segments.  These can be done in addition to the 30 minutes a day or in lieu of the 30 minutes a day when/if life gets in the way.  You may think 10 minutes is nothing, but you will feel these exercises working and will see results from them.  You can see in my progress pics above that I am getting that “V” cut-in that I’ve desired for some time and was unable to achieve before.

  • The Containers:

21 df mealsYou will eat.  You will eat well, often, and plenty.  This is not a diet.  Autumn created 21 Day Fix to go along with a portion-control program that is pretty fool-proof. Each program comes with a guide book that details exactly what you can and should be eating and how much of various food groups you need within the day in order for optimal fat burning and toning.  You’ll receive color-coded containers that help you easily portion and keep track of your eating.  You’ll be amazed at how full you will be.

Here is a look at one of my days in action:

WORKOUT Plyo Fix Extreme
My container allotment (by color) GGG RRRR PP
Breakfast Nonfat greek yogurt (1/2 R) blueberries (3/4 P), 1/2 c rolled oats (1/2 Y), almond milk (1/2 Y), chia seeds (1/2 O) *overnight oats recipe 
Snack Shakeology (1 R, 1/2 Y)
Lunch Salad w/spinach & kale (1 G), 1/2 small avocado (1 B) 1 cup salsa chicken (1 R, 1/4 P) 1 apple (1 P)
Snack Celery & Carrots (1 G) with 1 T natural PB, edamame w/ sesame seeds (1/2 Y 1/2 O)
Dinner Poached Tilapia w/ veggies (1 G, 1 R) *recipe from Fix Extreme Guidebook
Snack Nonfat greek yogurt (1/2 R), drizzled with warm almond butter (1 T)
Water (per 8 oz) WWWWWWWW

The containers are also just a starting point.  You will figure out how clean eating works and what your day’s meals should be.  This will grow into a habit and into a way of life; it is not a diet.

  • The Motivation

As a trainer, Autumn herself is quite personable and I feel I can relate to her–even if she is ridiculously shredded and overly perky when I press play at 5 am.  But she always starts each workout with a thought of the day, something like “Don’t stop when you’re tired. Stop when we’re done” or “Train with a purpose.  Eat with a plan”.  These mantras resonate with me and keep me moving–not only through the workouts, but through the rest of my day and my meals as well.

I also find tangible motivation through the fitness accountability or challenge groups I host on Facebook.  As I mentioned already, my first 21 Day Fix group contained 16 women from all walks of life and all stages of fitness who joined forces for real results.  Each day, they logged into our group to provide motivation for one another, to share a recipe, to ask a question, to post a sweaty selfie–anything that created a community feel that truly contributed to each of our successes. Here is what one challenger had to say at the conclusion of our 21 days:

I am very pleased with my results. I have lost 9 pounds and 8.5 inches total. My clothes that were tight now fit much better and the clothes that fit are now getting too big. I couldn’t have done this without Pamela Busarello and the rest of the group members. All of your positive attitudes really kept me going on days where I didn’t feel like working out. I am looking forward to continuing my progress with clean eating, doing the fix workouts everyday while on ” break” from the eating, and going for round 2 in April.

This type of response is typical of those who hit every layer of the program: the workouts, the containers, the accountability, and, finally, Shakeology!

  • Shakeology

I must disclose to you that I was completely hesitant about Shakeology before I began this program.  The cost seemed exorbitant, I had no desire to drink a meal replacement, and protein powder felt unnecessary.  The more research I did and once I tried it for myself, I realized I was wrong.

First off, a serving averages a little under $4. If you are a Starbucks latte lover like me, this is cheap. 😉 Besides, this is a super food shake, not just a protein powder.  Each flavor, and there are 7, contains all-natural clean ingredients that are nutrient dense and full of vitamins.  When you drink Shakeology every day, you eliminate your need for a multivitamin and many other supplements.  Additionally, if you do use this as a meal replacement–I drink mine post-workout or as a second breakfast–that expense goes a long way.


I also discovered the value of protein.  This is purely my own experience, but I feel a complete and strong overhaul to the makeup if my body since I upped my lean protein intake–be it through clean eating, the portion containers, and Shakeology.  I spent a year and a half prior to this journey following a pescetarian lifestyle; the only animal protein I consumed came from seafood.  I was thin, but I wasn’t strong.  I was eating, but I wasn’t satisfied.  I was depriving my body of the protein it needed to build strength and to develop lean muscle tone. Many plant-based or seafood-based eaters live healthy, strong lives.  I just wasn’t one of them. Now, though, I feel healthy and powerful and I know Shakeology helps make that possible.

I’d be happy to help you take the 21 Day Fix challenge, to explore Shakeology, or to answer any questions you have!  You can find info below, or fill in the contact form with your questions! 🙂  I’ll save a spot for you in my next challenge group and you, too, can feel as well as can be!

21 Day Fix and Shakeology Challenge Pack

21 Day Fix Extreme and Shakeology Challenge Pack

Shakeology One Month Supply

Shakeology 7-Day Sampler

**Bonus: Fixate Cookbook: 101 Recipes to add to your 21 Day Fix experience!

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