Welcome! My name is Pamela and I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, teacher, fitness enthusiast, and more. The role that most defines me, to which many of you can relate, is that of mom.  I have three children ranging from newborn to kindergartner. I learn from my children every day.  I also want them to learn from me.  I want them to take pride in their bodies and in staying fit.  I want them to explore new foods and embrace clean eating.  I want them to love books and music and art and play.  Overall, I want us to embrace happiness.

me and my littlest love

This is a journey. I am imperfect, but passionate. I am seeking a healthier lifestyle for me and my family.  I am finding what it means to really understand how happiness ties into health and how health grows out of fitness and food.  Follow me here as I take this journey with support of my family and friends.  With this blog, I will share recipes devoted to clean eating, fitness tips “fit” for a busy mom, book and music recommendations (happiness boosters for sure!), and fun ideas for kids and family time. I will also share my new journey with you as a fitness coach.  I hope you’ll subscribe and find ways “to fill your motherhood” with smiles, laughter, and healthfulness.



Follow me on Twitter: @PamelaBus

Instagram: @PamelaBusFit



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