Fitness Coaching

I have been inspired to create a healthy, balanced life for me and my family.  If you are interested in doing the same, I am here to help!  I am a Team Beachbody coach, but mostly just a mom who wants to help others–especially other moms–find their worth, their health, their happiness. IMG_7571

Please check out my Facebook page, To “Fit” a Motherhood, which focuses on clean eating, fitness, accountability, and motivation. I also host monthly giveaways and provide community support for those looking to live or already living healthfully.

If you are interested in a challenge group or learning more about them, please fill out the form on the “Contact Me” page. You can also check out what programs Beachbody offers or enjoy the healthiest meal of your day with Shakeology by following those links.

What do I do as a coach? Share my fitness journey with others! Inspire and guide women and men along their respective fitness and nutrition journeys. Provide support for nutritional and program choices.  The list continues!

I am blessed to do so within the supportive environment of Team Fit Dynasty.  My life has changed since I joined this remarkable group of women.  I’ve discovered that I may actually be a bit business-minded. 😉 I’ve discovered that women can work together and build each other up. I’ve learned that I can motivate a mom or encourage a bride-to-be or reshape a family’s nutrition virtually, from my computer or phone, in an hour or two a day.  I’ve discovered that I am holding myself accountable to commit to healthy living because I am holding others accountable as well. And I’ve recently discovered that I am capable and ready to lead my own team of coaches: Tribe Redefine!


Tribe Redefine will help others redefine their sense of balance.  We will motivate others, commit to healthy living, and, as a result, live up to our potential!

Does coaching sound like a fit for you?  Join my team!  Tribe Redefine is ready to make its name known in the wellness industry.  It is ready to reach countless people! I will personally mentor you and share my best practices, plus you will join the ranks of Team Fit Dynasty. These ladies will support you and train you as well.  This is a MUST for fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers looking to leverage their business, or stay-at-home moms who wish to pursue a new endeavor. Fill out this application and I will be in touch.

Here’s to you!


Let me know if you’d like to join an upcoming fitness challenge or clean eating accountability group.  They run monthly.  Don’t miss out!

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