Couples Challenge!

couples challenge

This coming week is going to be exciting–and not simply because the US Open begins (though, as a tennis-watching freak, I am SUPER pumped about that!).  This week will rock because the Beachbody Health Bet kicks off.  Curious?  Here is an easy 5-step plan to capitalize on this:

1. Join our challenge group, Betting on You!
2. Log at least 3 workouts a week–which can be any workout you wish (a BB program, a class at the gym, a run, yoga, ANYTHING!)
3. Post pics of your Shakeology at least 5 times a week.
4. Be motivated and held accountable at every step of the way by your awesome coach–me!
5. Receive a check from Beachbody when all is said and done.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier! We’d love to share this experience with as many couples as possible, but are welcoming solo participants as well. This just can’t be beat! Beachbody believes in its products–especially in Shakeology–so much that it is pledging between $1-3 million to be split among all qualifying challengers. I will lead the way and make sure each of you qualifies and gets PAID!

I am adding an extra twist to this group: while I will have one group geared towards women, I am also running a COUPLES CHALLENGE.  Get healthy, strong, and active with your partner.  You know what they say: the couple that sweats together stays together!

Fill in this submission form so I can get you started TODAY!

Eat that Frog with Me!


I may be a teacher and a coach, but it is my love of learning that makes me, me.  I am a student at heart.  I love to read and, most currently, to listen to podcasts relevant to my current areas of interest.  And what is my current area of interest? Productivity.

Many of you would have guessed it was fitness or nutrition.  Those are ever important to me and I am ever looking for ways to enhance both of those aspects within my day-to-day. Productivity, along with cutting down on procrastination, is the area in my life that needs work the most, however.

I’ve always loved planners and calendars.  I get into major color-coding moods and reorganizing moods and new-app moods within which I purchase, implement, and soon forget about one or more methods of keeping track and getting ish done. I most recently fell in love with Wunderlist–a simple app for list-creating–and have also been using Chalene Johnson’s PUSH planner. I love the way it is both specific and open at the same time, but I have not been as intentional and consistent with it as I’d hoped.  I don’t believe it is a lack of resources that plagues me.  How about you?  For me, it is a lack of implementable strategies.

me and mike

I’ve been attempting some time-efficiency strategies over the last few months.  The one that works best has been meal prepping.  By planning and prepping our meals ahead of time, I save time with my family and save the aggravation of paniced dinner making.  I also save money by minimizing on dining out.  Another habit that worked wonders–and I mean that in the past tense–was waking up early.  I began waking up early to workout and/or get some work done before my family woke up each day and it was a true game-changer.  I move through each day with a sense of accomplishment and a level of energy unmatched before.  This habit is no longer a habit, though.  I’ve allows the summer to slow me down and make my mornings lazy.  NO MORE!

I am committed to getting back in gear before the summer fades and the new school year dawns. Meal planning can’t be my only effective tool! I am committing myself to an August geared towards getting my mind and habits as strong as my body has already become.


If so, you must join my next online challenge group, 21 Days to Strong! We will work on the wellness trifecta:

  • strong bodies
  • strong habits
  • strong minds

We often go through phases in life in which we work towards better health.  We begin exercising and eating better.  We make sure we are drinking water.  We get to bed at a decent hour.  That is all well and good; these are phases that jump-start wellness.  But they usually only impact our bodies.  In order for these physical or health changes to truly resonate and for our choices to become a lifestyle, we need our habits and our minds to become stronger as well.

Over this 21 day challenge, we will explore how our bodies can become stronger or leaner or more fit by following a trusted fitness program.  We will improve our nutritional habits with guidance, portion control, and clean eating education.  We will transform our minds by combating the procrastination and inefficiency that gets in the way of keeping the other two parts of this trio inline.  Our group will be reading and discussing Brian Tracy’s Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time. We will use the tools and strategies within the book to not only create a common language and nuanced focal-point for our wellness, but we will be able to motivate one another beyond getting through a set of burpees or reaching a goal weight.  This type of motivation will remain well beyond our 21-day challenge.


Join me!  Leave your information below and I will be in touch with all the details. Together, we will decide which fitness program best fits your goals and abilities.  I will then enroll you in an online accountability group.  This is a private Facebook community through which I will motivate, coach, and teach you at every step of the way.  And, if you are new to my program and purchase for the first time, I will send you the personal development text we will be following, Eat that Frog!, for FREE as my thank you! 

Don’t procrastinate! 😉 Join today!

The groundwork of all happiness is health.